High quality employees are vital part of a company that works well. It is time-consuming and costly to find a suitable employee.

Our company offers an objective selection of the most suitable candidates for the required positions.

The selection process of employees is individual and precise. You will see that the employees recommended by our company are the best.

We will find employees for various positions:

Why should you choose our employees?

We can guarantee that all our employees have been qualified in occupational safety and are trained to use their time at work as efficiently as possible.

Our employees are there for you 7 days a week.

If the number of employees is higher, there is a coordinator in every operation (paid by our agency), who is responsible for employees’ presence at work and smooth operation.

Successful cooperation is based on a mutual trust between the clients and our company.

What to do:

Following your discussions with our consultant, we will train individual employees, so that they can successfully fulfil the work assignment you will require.

You can hire the employee for a period that is convenient for you and they will be ready to travel to any country according to your requirements. You will get a proof of our flexibility and professionalism.

If you are dissatisfied with the chosen employee, the agency will promptly substitute him or her for a new employee.

Slovak employees are considered extremely reliable in the whole of Europe and they perform their work well. At the same time they are highly mobile.

If you like our references, don’t hesitate to contact our agency and hire the workforce we offer - effectively and without any difficulties.

Let me emphasize that customer has the final say in our company.